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We DON’T! We are BETTER! Just for clarification purposes, here’s a snapshot:


  • Charges a standard flat rate that is well above the average cost of interchange.
  • Underwriting occurs after merchants are signed up. This puts you at risk of having your Square services withdrawn, leaving you in a lurch.
  • You don’t actually get a merchant account. Instead, clients are submerchants under one master merchant account belonging to Square.

The Payments Connoisseur:

  • Our rates are much lower than Square’s rate because our underwriting happens upfront. We have the ability to get you the best rates available.
  • With our underwriting process, the processor and the bank will know what you are selling and will have vetted your business – making your merchant account with The Payments Connoisseur stable for the long-term.
  • With your own merchant account, you will experience much better customer service since you will be working directly with us and the processor.

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