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Payment processing rates consist of the interchange rate and the markup.

  • The interchange is the base rate and is the same for everyone because it’s what the card brand charges and is non-negotiable.
  • The markup over interchange is based on several factors:
  • Current pricing
  • Business type
  • Processing history
  • Risk determined by the bank

We have the ability to price very close to interchange and can get the best rates. With your current processing statement, we are able to put together a cost-saving analysis.

There are NO CONTRACTS – Ever!

  • We will never lock you in with a contract.
  • If we are doing a great job, there’s no need for a contract!

Our underwriting is very thorough and sets you up for a long term account with us. Here’s what we will need from you:

  • Merchant application (short – 20 minutes tops)

On the app, you’ll need to provide:

  • Address
  • Fed Tax ID
  • Personal info (address/phone/email/DL/SSI#)
  • How much processing volume you currently do
  • Your average and max tickets
  • How you accept and take payments
  • Voided check
  • Processing statements and/or bank statements (only 1-2 statements)

We offer  EVERY  type of payment processing equipment you need!

  • Credit card terminals
  • Mobile readers
  • Terminal based
  • App based for phones/tablets
  • Gateways such as NMI & to key in transactions
  • POS systems that can also be integrated with other systems

All equipment is shipped out as soon as your account has been approved.

  • Most equipment arrives within 2 business days.
  • Once your equipment arrives, we will personally help you set up everything.

We do not profit from equipment purchases.

We simply pass along the equipment cost from our supplier.

  • To avoid an upfront cost, you may choose to receive your equipment for a monthly service fee.

Our sponsor banks have the ability to deposit funds the next day and in some instances, the same day. We’ll work with you to qualify for the best option available.

We DON’T! We are BETTER! Just for clarification purposes, here’s a snapshot:


  • Charges a standard flat rate that is well above the average cost of interchange.
  • Underwriting occurs after merchants are signed up. This puts you at risk of having your Square services withdrawn, leaving you in a lurch.
  • You don’t actually get a merchant account. Instead, clients are submerchants under one master merchant account belonging to Square.

The Payments Connoisseur:

  • Our rates are much lower than Square’s rate because our underwriting happens upfront. We have the ability to get you the best rates available.
  • With our underwriting process, the processor and the bank will know what you are selling and will have vetted your business – making your merchant account with The Payments Connoisseur stable for the long-term.
  • With your own merchant account, you will experience much better customer service since you will be working directly with us and the processor.

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