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7 Brilliant High Paying Affiliate Programs You Have To Try


7 Brilliant Life- Changing Affiliate Programs You Have To Try

Are you looking to monetize and get paid online?


The internet is full of opportunities. There are so many ways to make money online. You can do it blogging, freelancing, or even being an influencer on social media! But how do you know which one is the best option for you?  How do you know which ones are worth your time and effort? You need the right information! Well here at, I’ve researched all the answers for you.


Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make a recurring commission online. I have listed affiliate programs that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time making money online, I have something that will work for you.


So keep reading if you want to learn more about the wide range of affiliate programs and why you should want to promote other peoples products.

How Do I Become An Affiliate?


Its super easy to become an affiliate these days. Majority of the time , it is FREE to signup.. cuz hey, you are in fact promoting someone’s else’s stuff right! Simply by going to the sitemap section of a company’s website, they will more than likely have links to their affiliate programs. There should also be helpful content/resources such as :

  • marketing tools
  • what the program offers(commission rate)
  • a list of the range of products that you would like to promote
  • landing pages where you can search for merchants to choose




How Do Affiliate Programs Work?


If you’re not signed up with any programs yet, the #1 tip I learned is to think about all the things you use on a daily basis. What are some digital products that you could easily promote online ?


#2 Research your niche in Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine if this is an industry that sees high traffic volume to make sure they are advertising rates are low enough for it to work out.


Other things to consider is finding out what your commission would be when you make a successful sale. Not only that, but is it recurring? Remember our main goal is to make money preferably while we sleep!


Joining a popular affiliate program will definitely help you reach that goal sooner.


There are many different types of affiliate programs, and they work in a variety of ways. When signing up for an affiliate program, it is important to understand what you’re getting into before jumping head-first into the opportunity.


You’ll want to consider how much time and effort will be required on your end, as well as what the downside is to sign up for an affiliate program.


What is a downside you ask? As I mentioned above:

  • the commission rate may not be worth your time
  • the affiliate platform may not be user friendly
  • the application process could be tedious

Based on these, its all up to you to decide if said affiliate program will work best for you.

What Are The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners?

Most affiliate programs are going to provide their affiliates with a starter kit. This includes information on how to market the company, best practices and even samples of email templates that you can send out to potential customers.


To make it easy for beginners though, I highly recommend Amazon Associates Program.


Amazon was a founded 1995 and is now the #1 store in America with over 300 million monthly visits. Amazon associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs for new bloggers publishing their first post.


The Amazon Associate Program is a great affiliate program for beginners for multiple reasons:

  1. It’s free to join and easy to create your associate ID account so you can get started tomorrow!
  2. Amazon has the largest selection of products on the web and customers are starting to turn to amazon before going anywhere else.
  3. It’s easy to track affiliate traffic and know what conversion rates are on all of your different campaigns.


Next up is a really nifty selection of creatives and formats for your ads including text links and multimedia banners (text or image). They also provide advertising uploads such as WordPress themes or HTML templates to customize yourself.


Negative things associated with the program are that you can’t post your links on sites like Facebook, and the amazon associates program does not offer any upfront payments.


Another downside is that amazon typically pays their affiliates 1-4% commission based off the products they sell, which means they could not be making much at all per sale. It does have its perks though: there are no minimums and thresholds to make money from this program so as long as people buy through your links, you’re still in the game.


Now let’s talk about the higher paying affiliate programs.

What Are The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

The first thing to consider is whether this is an area you’re interested in and are willing to put in a significant amount of work to provide quality content.


It’s simple enough to create a website that may get plenty of traffic, but if it isn’t properly optimized and marketed then there won’t be any signups. The second consideration should be how much money you want to get paid per conversion. This will affect your decision on what niche or topic you might promote.


You can research which niches have the highest commission rates via sites like AffRanker or Commission Junction.

There are many affiliate programs and offers for you to choose from in this day and age- but if you’re looking to actually make some serious money, I am going to refer you to the top 7 that I use.



ClickBank is a good affiliate program because they offer the highest paying affiliate programs for 2021. It’s available in over fourteen different languages, has an almost infinite range of products to sell or market, and provides weekly payouts. Selling products and earning commission is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click on a product that you would like to promote, review its description, and tell your viewers all about it! Then add a bitly hyperlink to each product you post (remembering not to add anything that looks spammy) so your followers can easily purchase if they’re interested in any of the products you have up for sale.


Clickbank :

  • is an established company with acclaimed customer service
  • can offer every known product under the sun
  • pays out on Tuesdays
  • payout methods are through check ($7) which needs to be deposited within 7 days or wire transfer ($4); not all payout methods accepted–in addition to CHECK–accepted payments are: echecks (requires bank account), PayPal, Visa debit cards.

Meeting any of these requirements makes it one of the best affiliates programs for years ahead!



Clickfunnels is one of the highest paying recurring affiliate programs in 2021 for people who sell information products. It also offers more than 50 base commission rates.

Plus it has all of the standard features of a great “funnel” platform – landing pages with built-in conversion goals, sales funnels that automatically prompt visitors to buy, auto-responders that send the customer recovery emails after they opt-in, among other things.


What you decide to do with ClickFunnels is up to you as an entrepreneur, but when you’re ready to promote something and make money through ClickFunnels, sign up through me and I have some awesome deal that comes with.



Bluehost provides the best web hosting services. Aside from having one of the the highest paying affiliate programs, Bluehost also has a devoted team of customer service representatives who want to see you win.


Aside from Bluehost being an affiliate program that pays the most in 2021, they stand out for their commitment to customer service. They have a dedicated team of people who do their best to ensure your success and offer 24/7 support on social media.


Their goal is to make sure customers come first before anything else; this dedication shines through on every product update they want it’s affiliates (and potential customers) to meet their needs. If you’re looking for a product with high commission rates and excellent customer service, try Bluehost!



Ok… so let’s have a transparency moment here. This post was definitely written using artificial intelligence. How you asked? Well I use my buddy Jasper.


If you’re not just starting out with affiliate marketing and have a sizable following or email list, Jasper offers potentially the highest paying affiliate programs for 2021.


Jasper is a SaaS company that empowers marketing professionals to generate more revenue through conversion optimization, often with favorable deals from their advertisers.


Using Jasper gives customer advocates what they need to grow their ad revenue hand in hand with happy customers–without significant upfront investment or IT expenses. I highly recommend if you want to write anything… and I mean anything.



Share-A-Sale runs on a two-tier program–as an affiliate and as an affiliate manager. For affiliates, Share-A-Sale has rates set at 20 percent for admin generated sales and 25 percent for direct sales. The company pays out via PayPal within 60 to 120 days of commissions earned, which can be withdrawn in any of over 200 international currencies.


What this means is that those with their own small business are able to use Share-A-Sale’s system to sell their product globally while earning a good commission off the sale, without needing lengthy approval process or huge bankrolls they might need for entering into other markets themselves or through other companies.



The idea behind Tailwind is to turn your computer into a virtual assistant that makes sure you have all the tools, templates, and information you need to grow your account on Instagram and Pinterest.


Tailwind offers commission rates ranging from 5-20%. In addition, new affiliates can earn 10% just for joining. It’s always great to work with a company that has an internal referral program, and you’ll receive money every time someone uses your link.


The paid memberships start at $8 a month with qualified marketing tools, add-in features from other services like MailChimp, and hands-on support from Tailwind’s team of experts. If you are an influencer looking to grow your traffic or find more ways to monetize your content strategies, make sure you check out what Tailwind has offer right now!



Squares program is not literally an affiliate program more like a referral program. However Square makes it really easy for owners of small businesses to collect their money, pay their employee’s and take credit card payments from literally anywhere there’s a cell signal. 


Square offers a variety of ways for in-store merchants to accept credit card payments on any device, and they offer a range of services that will meet the needs of merchants no matter how large or small their business may be.



Square’s best-in-class technology is what makes them one of the few preferred payment providers among PayPal partners, which means that with just one integration you can equip your business with all the powerful tools needed to grow and profit like a big brand retailer.


So if you promote Square, not only can you take credit card payments from literally anywhere there’s a cell signal, but when someone signs up through your referral link both you and the signee will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days.


I don’t know about you but I hate fees. Who doesn’t want free credit card processing! Its like the money is going straight back to your own pocket.




UPDATE!  EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 2022: I no longer promote Square as a payment processor, I’ve stepped up my game and learned how I personally can provide more affordable merchant account services to small businesses! Check out this post for more information….. 

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Affiliate programs are a great way to make money online. You can sign up for one today and start making some serious cash by promoting the company’s products in your content, blog posts, social media accounts, etc.


There are very few downsides to signing up for an affiliate program as you’re not investing any of your own capital into it like with other business ventures.


The only drawback might be that there will be more competition out there so you’ll need to work harder than ever before! But don’t worry about this too much because I’ll always share helpful tips on how to get ahead of the game without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself.


Why not take advantage of promoting someone’s product and get paid while doing it?