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30 Fresh Ways To Instantly Jazz Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a big part of many businesses. It is important to be creative when it comes to social media marketing strategy on the top social networks. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and market your business. You want people to notice your posts, share them with their friends/followers and of course get some referrals too.


But how do you keep up with all the new platforms that are popping up? Let’s quickly go over why social media is effective, how it can help grow your business and 30 ideas that can help you today! If you are struggling for ideas, here are 30 creative tips that you can start using right now!

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?


An important question to ask is “Is social media marketing effective?” The answer is YES if you want to create brand awareness. However, the answer largely depends on the type of business or organization. In general, there are many benefits for organizations that have a large enough following and can put in the time needed to maintain their content appropriately.


Social media provides an opportunity for businesses to engage with customers through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It also provides a way for them to connect with people who might not be aware of their product but share similar interests or issues as they do– which could lead to potential conversions or sales down the line.


However, without substantial effort it will likely only result in short-term boosts rather than long-term growth.

Can Social Media Marketing Help Grow Businesses?


The power of social media marketing is undeniable. Seen as an investment rather than a cost, it’s not hard to see why many businesses jump headfirst into this avenue to promote their products and services. For these companies, the decision seems justifiable.


There are more than two billion active monthly users on Facebook and 330 million active monthly users on Twitter – providing an exceptional resource for any marketer.


However, like any venture in business development, social media marketing comes with a slew of pros and cons that need careful consideration for success.


The most prominent pro is that millions of people can be reached at the touch of a button – literally becoming one-on-one potential clients via social media sites which could skyrocket growth (and profits).


The cons are pretty much everything else. Social media marketing becomes a bit of race against time – if not using social media marketing correctly, if you let yourself get drawn into busy work or let your posts live too late on your timeline (in other words don’t stay relevant) then you risk losing out on the audience you’ve built.


Social media marketing can be difficult because there are SO MANY platforms to deal with! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more offer different degrees of engagement for your brand which means a lot of time spent trying to figure out what works best for you.


The easiest approach is to take some time budgeting how much social media time you have per day – it might not seem like that’s all that important but once busy work starts piling up at home or in other areas then we start neglecting our favorite sites too (and then won’t post as often).


Spending precious time on social media all day could take away from important tasks such as emailing potential customers or getting work done on projects.


“The key takeaway here is this: Social Media Marketing takes an investment in both time and money but if done correctly could be a great way to increase your brand visibility.”

How Social Media Marketing Helps Small Business

Social media has a lot to offer small businesses. A small business can connect with customers, build their image, and make your store more personal. One huge benefit is that you can promote your products in multiple ways on a single platform which saves time and money while simultaneously creating an integrated campaign for all of your efforts.


On top of that, social media marketing campaigns are often free or inexpensive – making it the perfect start-up budget for any small company!

How Can I Learn Social Media Marketing For Free?

It’s always a good idea to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basics before diving in head first. The best thing you can do for free is read.


Blogs, YouTube, online communities, and news sites are all great resources for anyone interested in learning more about social media marketing. Rachel Pedersen (the queen of social media) has a 100% free course on Social media marketing. You can access it here.


Realizing how difficult it can be to tailor your content towards different audiences can little discouraging.


However, this list has helped me do just that. I hope these 30 tips will provide you the encouragement needed to get out there and share something new.

30 Creative Ways To Use Social Media

  1. Post on the same day every week at the same time.
  2. Include a discount code in all of your posts. This will encourage people to share their post with friends and followers, which leads to more exposure. You could also use hashtags (#) or @ mention someone else’s account (@) so they may take notice and engage with your post. The best times to post during the course of a day is either early morning (preferably before breakfast), late evening (around dinner time), or anytime around noon when many people have finished work or school but not quite ready for bed yet!
  3. Posting your blog post as a status update on Facebook in addition to posting it as an individual link or article will help increase visibility and engagement of both points within one platform. This is great for people who are active on social media but not necessarily blogging regularly. Posting photos with text overlay can also grab attention from a potential customer because they’re more inclined than ever these days to read what you have written when there’s something that catches their eye visually first (ie; funny meme)
  4. Do “live” videos through Tiktok rather than uploading them onto YouTube or other video hosting sites because shorter videos are what is keeping peoples’ attention.
  5. Include your social media handles in all of your blog content so that people can easily follow you and engage with what you have to say.
  6. Incorporating humor into marketing campaigns is not only an effective way to keep a target market engaged, but also one of the most cost-effective ways. With companies like GEICO on YouTube using a lighthearted approach for their commercials or Kenneth Cole’s “Dress Normal” campaign through Twitter, it becomes clear that incorporating humor when advertising often leads to higher rates of engagement (and exposure) than other strategies could provide. When used well, humorous posts on social media are worth more as they increase engagement levels while being less expensive in terms of time spent creating them—a great combination!
  7. We all know that the target audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, but it can be hard to figure out what kind of people you’re trying to reach. So put together a quick quiz that will help you get started with your own analysis. Once you have identified your target audience, start creating content and ads tailored specifically towards them!
  8. Save time on scheduling posts by using the awesome social media management tool Metricool. With this tool, you can schedule content to be shared on all of your Facebook, Instagram, Google My business, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms with just one click!
  9. When you’re publishing on your social channels, use hashtags to make your content searchable.
  10. Diversify your posts by sharing a mix of images and text in order to reach more people with different preferences for how they want information delivered.
  11. If you like to post videos or GIFs, don’t forget that adding captions adds context if someone sees it without sound!
  12. To find out what others are saying about similar topics as yours, look at the “Trending Now” section on Facebook or do some research online using Google News. You’ll be able to see what kind of trends exist within your niche so you can get an idea of who else is talking about these issues and provide valuable commentary.
  13. Listening to customer feedback is a great way to see what is going well and where you can improve to provide more value.
  14. Posting the same content across different channels doesn’t work as effectively, since not all of your followers will be following you on each platform. Share unique posts tailored for specific platforms in order to maximize reach! For example, if you have an e-commerce store, post links to products or information related to shopping at checkout rather than linking back from every tweet or status update that mentions something general about clothing styles.
  15. Create free types of content like a PDF document with downloadable resources that you can give away in exchange for an email address!
  16. Create great social media graphics that are eye catching and attention grabbing on CANVA! This is important because it will help to increase engagement on Facebook posts or Tweets which means more people seeing what you’re posting.
  17. Have visual content ready at all times!! It’s easy to push out content from our schedules if we have blog post drafts ready when they’re due or create images ahead of time so there’s no need to scramble every time something needs to go live. Having these templates stored away ensures that everything goes smoothly.
  18. Make sure there is a visual representation of your brand on every social media platform you are using.
  19. Up your social media strategy by doing hashtag research. You definitely want to increase the likelihood that they get seen by people who have similar interests or audiences as yours and allow for conversations with other like minded bloggers, businesses, or influencers.
  20. Don’t just share what’s going well! Often times we’re so caught up in all our successes that we never stop to think about how others might be feeling. If something goes wrong don’t hide it away – talk about it openly (or at least privately). This will help us learn from our mistakes and show empathy towards those who may experience difficulties too.
  21. Encourage followers in your audience to post their own content. Sharing the work of others will help your followers feel appreciated and engaged.
  22. Stay connected to what’s going on outside, but don’t be afraid to come in with a unique perspective or voice.
  23. Give people something they can use when it comes down to it – provide them with tools that will make their lives easier!
  24. Share videos about things we’re all interested in; from makeup tutorials, how-to guides for fixing our homes or changing out light bulbs & more! This is a great way to reach viewers who might not otherwise find us. Letting customers get an inside look into different industries always makes for interesting content as well.
  25. Use a calendar to structure a social media marketing plan for each and every social network that you are on.
  26. Search for FAQ and share your knowledge of the industry in which you work.
  27. Keep on top of current events, both locally and globally. This might seem like an obvious one but it’s worth mentioning because if there is breaking news happening that impacts our audience or niche, we should be ready to capitalize on those opportunities with a timely response!
  28. Produce quality content when responding back to others’ comments/questions; don’t just spam links all over their page.
  29. Last but certainly not least, follow all the brands that you love and imitate by monitoring what is working best for them. Success leaves clues, don’t ever forget that!


The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is knowing what your customers want and how they interact with the content you post.


I’ve given you 30 creative ideas for your social media strategy, but I can help you make these strategies work even more effectively when you Book a consultation today!