5 Achievable Ways To Skyrocket Your Google My Business Account

What is a Google My Business Account?

A Google My Business or GMB is a free marketing tool that will provide management and optimization for both small and big businesses on Google. It is thee best tool to help your business appear in Google Search and Maps, including adding the business location, name, and hours.



Moreover, it includes monitoring and replying to customer reviews, adding photos, and understanding where and how customers are searching for you.


Google has become the king of search engines, and its primary purpose is to let  users have the best search experience.


It is super easy  for the everyday small business owner to create listings for their businesses, where their prospective visitors have the ability to gather information without opening any website.


Google makes many tools for managing online presence, yet the Google My Business Account was crafted to manage all other devices in one place.


The following 5 tips are the most important things you need to know as a business owner about your Google My Business Account, including how it works.


Initial Setup Of Google My Business Listing

You must undergo verification to prove that you own a business by entering a PIN sent via email or phone. It is the first step to access your local listing and start optimizing your Google My Business listing. In setting up your listing, it will include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number


This is the necessary information that must include in your listing.  It must be connected or identical to the information you have in all of your listing sites, like Bing, Yahoo, and many more.


It is also necessary to include the hours that your business operates. GMB enables you to have special hours which you can run, like holidays or any special events. It is  essential to keep your hours up to date for your customers. Updates keep your customers informed on the exact days and times when they can reach you.


The number of categories available on GMB are 3942 to be exact! You can only select 1 primary category, which will be given the most importance in Google’s algorithm. That being said, be specific as possible, especially in choosing a primary category. 


Selecting a secondary category offers a more detailed variation of services that allows customers to easily find you online. However, make sure to not go overboard on the categories! The less, the better!

Adding Photos Always Helps

Customers want to engage!  How are they going to know what you have to offer if they can’t see it? You absolutely must showcase your products and services online.

You can capture the personality of your business via high-quality photos to your Google My Business listing. Remember, the main essential in your business is having a good impression on the customer.

Adding pictures is the best way to achieve that. Photos in your listing include the profile photo, logo image, cover photo, and additional photos.


Bonus tip: make sure that your photos are geo-tagged. Google likes that.


Posts are the newest feature in Google My Business, and it will allow your business to share and/or showcase special offers, services, products, promote events, and much more. In a post, you can include texts, links, images, and anything that catches your customers’ attention.


I recommend that you stick to a consistent posting schedule, just like you would on any social media platform. This is a guaranteed way to up your businesses rankings on Google.


Google My Business Reviews

Reviews are essential for your Google My Business account.  It is critical step in building credibility and can make customers trust a business even more. A negative review can make a customer doubt or distrust your business, making them switch to your competitor’s businesses.


Google reviews are credible; that’s why customers rely on that, so do not ignore the reviews you get from your customers.


Respond to each and every review!


It catches your customers’ attention that you respond to their reviews. For them that means you value the customer’s feedback, are open to suggestions, and accept mistakes if there are negative reviews. By that, it can help you make fresh content on your Google My Business listing.


Last but certainly not least, your Google my business account allows you to monitor  your listing insights.


GMB provides accurate insights about the overview of how your customers interact with your business listing. Understanding the customers’ actions will allow you to build a good relationship with your customers. That’s why you must consider it and start to monitor your listing insights.


Those are the five essential things you should know about your Google My Business account. It may sound intimidating, but the free, powerful marketing tool will help your business hit the top and become known. It is the most effective tool for you to compete in today’s marketplace locally.


Does any of this make you feel overwhelmed? Like you just don’t have the time to focus on this and your business too?


I hear ya!


That is why I provide Google My business management for small businesses. I want you to focus on building your your business and you can leave the backend stuff for me.


Hit that button below to book a consultation now and let me help you!