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7 Beneficial SMS For Marketing Secrets Guaranteed To Make An Impact

sms for marketing


7 Beneficial SMS For Marketing Secrets Guaranteed To Make An Impact

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve their digital marketing efforts, increase revenue and boost engagement. 

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to enhance communication and make your small business stand out from the pack? Do you want to increase the number of customers that come through the door every day? Have you been wondering what is hot in the world of advertising and marketing right now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog post is perfect for you!

In today’s world of technology, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the newest trends and marketing tactics.

Research has found that people are more likely to respond to a text message than they are an email. Text messages have many advantages over email marketing, because people are always on their phones! And with the average person receiving around 100 texts per day, this marketing strategy can help your small business to stand out from the crowd. 

In this article we will discuss the best practices as well as 7 different benefits from using SMS text messages as a form of marketing. These are proven strategies that have been used by many small businesses around the world and helped them grow tremendously! You won’t regret reading this article!

What Is SMS For Marketing?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service”. This form of marketing consists of short, textual messages typically sent to a mobile phone. So yeah .. it’s pretty much a text message.

People are often checking their phones multiple times per day to get updates on the world. Typically, people check their phones to get started in the morning upon waking up. Also when they eat, some number of minutes before they go to bed, and even while at work! Heck, they are even doing it while they are driving! (which I do not condone nor practice!)

Texting is one form of popular content that is usually available at most times throughout the day just waiting for someone’s attention. By using text messaging as a marketing tool, you can easily connect your business with potential customers to promote your products or services , not only during specific marketing campaigns but also all throughout the year in order to generate more steady leads.

Using sms marketing campaigns can help you in many ways:

– Increase customer loyalty and engagement with your business

– Generate new clients by providing valuable information to the right people at the right time, personally tailored based on their interests or needs

– Stay connected with prospects over a period of time which increases chances for conversion

sms for marketing

How Do You Do Text Marketing?

Using SMS marketing is an avenue that small businesses ignored for years, but then it came back with major force recently. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is that incoming texts are less intrusive than blasts from email or social media updates to your phone. It’s become so popular and useful in such a short span of time because it offers something no other form of communication – physical or digital – can offer: immediacy.

When you check your phone you’ll see the latest marketing content coming through and you will be able to interact with it immediately without clicking, searching or scrolling.

Using sms for marketing messages allows you to say a lot with 160 characters, and this makes it a great tool for all types of businesses. A business can:

  • ask questions about features and reviews for a product or service
  • promote sales
  • send reminders of events
  • drive traffic with text offers for in-store shopping & more.

Here are ten facts you should know: 

1) A single text message is opened almost 100% of the time. 

2) 50% say they never delete text messages from unsolicited senders, which means that those messages will stay in their inbox even after it’s been read. 

3) 73% of all cell phone owners check their mobile phones within an hour of waking up. That number jumps to 85% for those 18-34 years old. 

4) 3 out of 5 people contact a company before they make a purchase decision via phone call or text message, and 14% do so immediately on receiving bad customer service by way of a text message. Even worse, 27% will go on to share that bad experience via social media.

5) 46% of mobile users have used a SMS-enabled app or website in the last 30 days .

6) 69% of people would rather receive promotional text messages than voice calls or mail, and SMS marketing has one of the highest conversion rates with 66% going on to purchase products.   

7) 85% of mobile phone users send/receive text messages at least once per day 

8) A text has the potential to reach consumers in their own habitual locations and at times of convenience where a voice call may not succeed.

9)People read text messages carefully. It is also easier for a marketer to get their message across when they use text-based communications because it usually takes less time.

10) Text messaging can be used as an interactive media channel by integrating SMS chatbots that respond to keywords or phrases with helpful content related to products or services available.

This is a huge reason why you need an SMS marketing strategy! Customers love it because the text appears right on their phone screen, and they are more likely to open messages that catch their eye than any other type of campaign. This means higher engagement rates!

The numbers don’t lie. Using text message marketing can be an effective way of getting your business’s message out there, and not just because it is the fastest method for receiving information, but also because people prefer it!

Using text message marketing can be an effective way of getting your business's message out there, and not just because it is the fastest method for receiving information, but also because people prefer it!

sms for marketing

Is Using SMS For Marketing Effective?

Yes, using SMS for marketing is highly effective. Some examples of successful campaigns are Subway’s text messaging campaign to promote it’s $5 foot-long sandwiches in the U.S. as well as their in-store text promotions that offer a free cookie to new subscribers. Two other examples include Coca Cola’s Holiday One App promotion and the Nokia “text and win” campaign launched in 2019 for the release of a new mobile phone.

Texting is an ever-increasing way to communicate with strong ties to convenience and immediacy. It can be used as a means for people to stay connected even when they are physically away. Or it could be used for companies to keep customers engaged through popular customer retention programs such as contests because it functions like a short message, inexpensively reaching hundreds of people all at once. 

In order to create a successful SMS marketing campaign, companies need to design content for their campaign ahead of time. Well-written copy coupled with interacting images help generate more click-thrus than basic offers. It is also necessary for the company’s website site to have clear call-to-action buttons that make it easy for consumers to submit their contact information in order to be shown promotions or offers through mobile devices instead of other avenues such as e-mails or newspapers. 

When Should I Use SMS for Marketing?

Marketing should not be done just for the sake of doing it. It has to be on-time, accurate, and relevant. Timing is everything when it comes to marketing! Since sms marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for business to communicate with their customers, sending text messages to your customers could be a great way to stay in touch!  Also, when you want to include those who never check their email and have opted in to receiving text messages via SMS, you might consider using a sms marketing software that has automated technology.

Here are a few text marketing services to consider:

All these platforms come with a free trial to test which works best for your business. They also give you the ability to send information to your customers efficiently through bulk texts. Bulk SMS is a way to get information out to a lot of people. It is faster than email, and you can make it easier for your clients by sending it as an SMS delivered right to their phones.

However, using SMS for marketing is probably not worth the investment for businesses that have too few customers to generate a noteworthy message. SMS marketing will provide better results for businesses who already has a strong social media presence but need quick confirmation, and companies can alternatively use it as a tool to confirm appointment or status updates.

On the other hand, when you are just starting out in business and don’t yet have an email database, SMS is a great channel to get new clients. This is (like mentioned before) because people are much more likely to open the text messages they receive on their phone than emails.

SMS messages could also be used to send a link to reminders about an upcoming appointment, making sure that they don’t forget and leave you hanging for your services. Along with this, it is an excellent way of reminding people about a sale or event going on in your store. Plus texting their phone number (with their permission of course) will mean they are almost always guaranteed to see your message at some point during the day when it would otherwise been missed by them if sent through email marketing.

We’ve been talking about the benefits of using sms for marketing today, and I hope you’re as excited to start using it in your business as I am. It’s an incredibly effective way to increase your outreach, get more people on board with your company and connect with customers on a more personal level than other forms of digital marketing. 

Whether you want to provide them with information, remind them of an offer or sale that’s coming up, or just say hi – using sms marketing software can be the perfect tool for all this! The key is having the right resources and knowing how to communicate effectively to get new customers to opt in . If any of these questions made sense, I’d love to help answer any additional ones you may have about using sms for marketing in the comments below. Let me know if there are any tips I left out or topics that I need to cover in the next article! Hold on, I just got a text message…is that you booking your consultation or what?