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12 Clever Rules To Use Pinterest for Business: 2021 Edition

Hey, small business owners! Do you have a Pinterest account? I know you know about Google but what about this other popular search engine that many are not taking advantage of ? Yes, I am talking about Pinterest!


There is a serious question buzzing around the internet, ” How can I use Pinterest for business?” This question is one that is on the minds of many small business owners. It’s not a secret that Pinterest, (the visual search engine) has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no wonder why!


As of January 2021, Pinterest ranks as the 14th largest social network in the world! If you’re looking to use Pinterest for business, this blog post will show you how to do so with success. From advertising with Pinterest to answering why having a Pinterest marketing strategy is good for business – we’ll cover all the tips and tricks here!


Let’s learn how to use pinterest for business take your pinterest business account to the next level.

Can You Use Pinterest For Business?

Short answer… YES!


Pinterest is a powerful social media platform that small businesses can use to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness/online presence and engage with existing customers. And the best part is, Pinterest is free for business accounts!


With a free Pinterest business account, you can find inspiring ideas, create pins, manage your pinterest profile, view pinterest analytics and connect with your target audience. It’s a nice new “visual” way to supercharge your social media strategy , and get more traffic to your brand website.


Businesses have said they are seeing an increase in customer traffic when they started using Pinterest for marketing and promotion efforts on their website or blog. According to one study, 88% of millennials prefer sharing visual content over written text; now Pinterest users are logging in more than 20 billion times per month!


Fortunately for businesses looking to capitalize on the rise of social media advertising, there are plenty of avenues for getting involved–and one that many brands should take advantage of is Pinterest.

pinterest for business

OK... So Should I Use Pinterest For My Business?

Duh! Did you just read the above paragraph?!


Yes…Pinterest is like the Netflix for inspiration! It is essentially a visual search engine that allows people to save and share things they like, in the form of images.


Pinterest is not just limited to visual content though – just like any other social media platform, videos, article pins and quotes can also be pinned.


Millions upon millions of pinterest users are using their personal Pinterest account every day because it provides endless streams of fresh ideas for their lives and creative endeavors.


Pinterest calls itself the world’s catalog of ideas, so if you have products or helpful tips worth showing off then you should seriously consider putting this visual platform on your radar.


It may make sense for your business goals and objectives given its high engagement rates, large audience size and minimal cost required.

pinterest for business

How To Optimize Pinterest For Business?

Optimizing Pinterest for business is an important part of your pinterest marketing strategy. Here are a pinterest basics as well as few pinterest best practices that I’ve learned through trial and error.

  1. Claim/verify your website immediately!
  2. Apply for rich pins.
  3. Use a professional headshot photo in your pinterest profile.
  4. Add keywords in your bio to make your name/brand easy to find.
  5. Add location to boost local traffic.
  6. Create multiple pinterest boards with creative board titles & add relevant keywords!
  7. Always use relevant keywords while creating pins titles & descriptions & make sure descriptions are specific.
  8. Make ALL pins beautiful, on brand and visual.
  9. Add your direct link URL to all content that you own.
  10. Mix content; Share others content as well as your own.
  11. Do NOT use URL shorteners.
  12. Post regularly and consistently.


It’s no good just knowing your online channels. You need to know when to post on them.



On Pinterest, during the week, you have two windows to start pinning: Monday- Thursday from 2-4pm EST or 8 pm- 1am EST. However,  it’s better to focus on the weekends. Weekends are the absolute best time to post because this is the “downtime” for most pinterest users. People have more time to sit back, relax, and scroll through social media.

pinterest for business

Advertising With Pinterest For Business

It’s imperative to consider the content of your advertisement in terms of design and placement.


For a small business, a great way to advertise is through content that focuses on personal stories about past customers or tips for saving money.


Pinterest revolves around creating multiple images with eye catching graphics with an abundance of captivating text using fonts that fit your audience’s personality or style, and then advertising them on multiple boards related to your business.


If you need help getting started, use Pinterest ads – they’ll show you who’s engaging with your niche topics and where those engagements are occurring so you can create better-targeted advertisements tailored to the right audiences. Of course you want Jasper to help you write those ads!


Most people use Pinterest to plan their own future purchases, so advertising on Pinterest makes sense.


Here are some of the best practices when it comes to using Pinterest for business advertising:

1) Define your target audience.  Pick a specific audience and optimize your ads.


The most important thing about pinterest advertising is that you need to set a geographic target and create audience boards in order to define who you’re targeting with your campaign. It’s not worth investing in generalized campaigns given how diverse of an audience there are on Pinterest! 


– Create a Pinterest business account that aligns with the interests of your customer base

– Create an “interest list” of topics you’re targeting (just like creating Facebook so “lists”) 


2) Set up a budget. 


3)- Decide what is on your budget. Yes, it will cost money to advertise on pinterest, but the good news is that if and when visitors buy something from you they are almost guaranteed to convert into being either a return buyer or a repeat customer.


Again, the key here is that if you invest in this form of advertising, the payoff for you will be worth much much more than what was invested in. 


4) Select which Pinterest ads you want to invest in.

– Sponsored Content – A fast way of getting your pinterest pins seen by other pinterest users without spending any money is by submitting sponsored pinterest posts.


This means that if someone likes what they see, they can click through right away and spend their time browsing further on your site or blog post. It doesn’t cost you anything but it does show up in more places than just organically pinned images so this will help get more eyes onto your page overall!  


– Display Ads – These are paid advertisements where pinterest will put an image of yours into place within their own. It’s an image pinterest thinks will fit well with the rest of their feed and they’ll charge you per time someone clicks on it until a certain amount is spent.


– Promoted Pins- These are similar to display ads but instead pinterest places your pins in one of three categories: popular, related or promoted for this board. You can set how much money you want to spend each day as well as what type of pinterest boards you’re targeting.

Why Is Pinterest Good For Business?

If you were wondering how a pinterest business account could help your business, I hope this blog post shed some light on how this strategy can help bring in leads/increased sales.


Maybe you’d thought of pinterest as just another social media platform where people share their interests and hobbies, but didn’t know that businesses are using it to generate more traffic and sales too.


With the right strategies in place, using pinterest for business is an excellent way for companies looking to advertise or promote themselves.


You may not have thought about getting into advertising on this platform yet because there might be some confusion around what types of content should go up. Start searching on pinterest now for inspiration!


Using Tailwind, you can schedule your posts in advance with their easy drag and drop interface. The best part about using Tailwind is it saves time so you can batch create content ahead of time and not have to worry about posting at specific times of day or days of the week when research has shown most pins are shared.


If you need help getting started with digital marketing strategies like Pinterest advertising I also provide consulting services.


So, have you seen what Pinterest can do for your business? Book a consultation today to boost your pinterest presence & your pinterest marketing efforts!